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Mentoring Sessions are Now Available! 

Do you offer End of Life services and need support?

Serene Transitions offers individualized support for aspiring and existing end-of-life doulas.

Whether you’re  just getting your feet wet or a seasoned doula, having the continued support of an experienced end of life doula is sure to catapult your efforts.

Together we can…

  • Identify practices that will support your businesses growth and reach, suchas your website, business listings, social media, and other public facing profile.

  • Discuss ways to attract your ideal client, schedule consultations, obtaining and retaining clients. 

  • Explore ideas and approaches that enhance your services and benefit your clients.

  • Explore ways to give you more confidence in your practice.

  • Assess your current knowledge, experience, status, and goals.

  • Explore ways to engage in Self-Care and Self-Repair so that you maintain your health and well-being.



We will co-create an individualized program based on your intentions and goals.


This program is yours!

Contact us to schedule a 15 minute complimentary call. It would be our pleasure to hold your hand and accompany you as you build and manifest this dream!

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